During MY high school education in fine arts, I spent most of MY time in the school's printing studio.
I continued to pursue this passion by combining a day job and evening classes graphic design for four years,
 at the academy of Ghent. After working in project management and sales, I followed MY passion to become a graphic designer during the covid pandemic. I enrolled and graduated
at Shillington college of graphic design in Manchester.

In 2021 I handbuilt a screen print installation in wood, with the help
of MY teacher from the academy Ghent, parcifal neyt.
Together with barbara alfonzo, in 2022 I started A screen printing studio NAMED 'studio macho'.

Passionate about both physical and digital design, i worked on projects in branding, storytelling,
web- and app-design and editorial design, as well as in motion and 3d, as a freelancer and intern.
I AM currently on the lookout for a fixed position in a company where I can further grow as a designer,
as well as freelance projects in design, illustration or screen print.
Let's meet!

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