a collab of 'studio macho', 'broeinest' & 'blikkenwerpers' to bring the story of many younsgters.
all three housing at broei i proposed them to organise an event together,
i thought up a concept and we made it work.

we organized a talk, outside on stage, during the gentse feesten.
broeinest, being a place for group therapy targeting youngsters, brought on stage several
young people telling a story of something difficult they went through.
meanwhile, artists from the 'blikkenwerpers' collective,
being inspired by the testimonials, drew live next to the stage.

afterward i placed their illustrations in the template i designed
for the t-shirts and me and barbara handprinted 100 t-shirts.
 we had a good sale on the gentse feesten
and spread the word of being proud of what you went through, by doing so!

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